Smith LaRock Architecture is a unique and specialized design firm that focuses solely on the process control industry.  It’s a different world inside your fence line.  Safety is first and your processes are unique and needs the support of an architecture firm that knows how you work.

Whether that’s a new blast-resistant control building, a QM/QC laboratory, a maintenance shop, a power utility distribution operations center, a plant response center, SLA can help you define the scope, estimate what it costs, and develop the contract documents for execution.

Refining (Oil & Gas)  |  Chemical manufacturing  |  Power Utilities (electric, gas & water)  |  Pipeline control  |  Energy  |  LNG  |  Manufacturing  |  Process Control

Specialized Architecture for 24/7 industrial facilities.

Types of buildings and architecture we design.

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World-class command/control centers and operational support facilities for industrial clients.