Distribution Operations Center (DOC) operators could not see, much less act on the information displayed on their existing SCADA screens despite their overview displays being right in front of the them.  You can see from the pics, the lower overview displays are behind their main, large format HMI screens.

The problem was even worse when their Sit-Stand consoles were raised up and blocked both rows of overview displays….so they contacted SLA for help.

At first, the client was thinking about flipping their console desks 180 degrees away from the overview screens.  But, this would create a major issue for operators, because they’d constantly have to turn around to view their overview screen data – this is not a recommended best practice.

Standing height counters behind the operator allow for team collaboration without invading the operator's control space. Typical BLAN computers and screens are provided at the right side of the console for non DCS operations.


Improve the operator’s situational awareness.  The consoles were redesigned to allow operators to face the overview screens in both a sitting and standing position.  Bezel-less, view wall display systems were integrated into the primary SCADA positions and the operator has use of 2 of the 12 large format displays directly at the console.

The new, custom consoles formed an effective control environment and allows operators to use and see their SCADA data from their primary position…at the console.


Auxiliary monitors can be raised directly in front of the operator in either a sitting or standing position.  During upsets, their span of control is increased where additional display data is required.

The control room lighting is designed to achieve vigilant light levels without any observable fixtures hanging down and helps create an even distribution of light throughout the room.  The ceiling panels also help address acoustical absorption needs and supplies air circulation for the HVAC system according to industry best practices.

Power Utility DOC
Click to view our 3D panorama

View our 3D panorama from the link above.  We’ve incorporated a new method for sharing design concepts with clients through a single click of the mouse.  This allows the client to quickly review their project without the need for high-powered computers or sharing large files through an FTP or dropbox.

Security and confidentiality are always a concern, so the panoramas are setup with specific permissions to only allow certain users access.

The 3D panoramas convey the design solution more easily, and the stakeholders can focus on the design instead of interpreting typical 2D line drawings.

The materials, finishes, colors, lighting and workflow are presented as a whole and brings the complete vision together for final reviews and approvals.

At this stage of the project, the design is still “on paper” so changes are easily made within the BIM model, and the renderings, panoramas, walk through videos help the client, stakeholders, end-users and the architect achieve the shared goals and vision.