Specialty Chemicals

A new blast resistant, control building and laboratory was needed by a specialty chemical company.
The building was steel framed with precast concrete panels to address blast criteria.
SLA was approached for this project because of the specialty design required for the blast resistance, control suite and laboratory.

The overall design intent was to provide a clear, wide-open and connected lab space for safety purposes and a cohesive workflow.  The HVAC system includes a once-thru (100% fresh air) which is exhausted by five inline exhaust units with blast dampers.  Lab benches included easily accessible power, gas utilities, data, and plumbing connections for testing equipment and simple re-configurations.  Continuous resinous flooring contains spills which do not seep under casework due to the integral cove base.  Up/down LED lighting provides a continuous glow throughout the labs and helps eliminate any dark areas or under lit areas for testing.

Construction completed in summer of 2019.


Pennsylvania, USA

Building Stats

New Construction
Blast Resistant Building
Steel frame core with Precast exterior panels
Control Suite
Administrative/ Office areas with Conference and Break Room
Testing Laboratory and Quality Control
3 Fume hoods and localized extractors

Project Size

9,000 GSF Control Building &
1,800 SF Laboratory

Other project details withheld due to Non-Disclosure Agreement with Client.

Exterior blast doors