Refinery Laboratory

Refinery Laboratory – QM/ QC/ QA Operations to replace original building.

A client was in need of replacing a 50+ year old existing laboratory.

The new laboratory was increased in size due to new regulations and testing procedures which required additional lab equipment.

The overall design intent was to provide a clear, wide-open, and connected lab space for safety purposes.

The HVAC system includes a once-thru (100% fresh air) which is exhausted by five exhaust fan units. Lab benches include the required power, gas utilities, data, and plumbing connections for testing equipment.

Continuous resinous flooring contains spills which do not seep under casework due to the integral cove base. LED lighting provides appropriate lighting levels for tasks and testing.


Pacific Northwest, USA

Building Stats

  • New Construction
  • 40+ Fume hoods and localized extractors
  • GC Lab, Wet Chem, Fuel & Water testing labs
  • Combustion Fuel Research (CFR) testing

Project Size

12,200 SF

Other project details withheld due to non-disclosure agreement with client.