QM Laboratory

API provisions required an existing laboratory building to be hardened or relocated outside the blast radius. After investigating a hardening effort, the aging facility was going to be replaced with a new construction build outside of the blast zone. This meant the lab could continue testing while the new facility was being built, rather than disrupting lab operations during a renovation.

The new lab was increased in size to accommodate future testing needs and totals nearly 24,500 sf of total space. The overall design intent was to provide a clear, wide-open and connected lab space for safety purposes and a cohesive workflow. The HVAC system includes a once-thru (100% fresh air) which is exhausted by five exhaust fan units with elevated exhaust stacks and sound absorbing perimeter wall system. Lab benches included easily accessible power, gas utilities, data, and plumbing connections for testing equipment. Continuous resinous flooring contains spills which do not seep under casework due to the integral cove base. Up/down LED lighting provides a continuous glow throughout the labs and helps eliminate any dark areas or under lit areas for testing.

The Client embraced the use of VR (virtual reality) walkthroughs during the design phases to ensure they knew exactly what they’re getting. This enabled the stakeholders to focus on the design rather than trying to interpret drawings which they may not fully understand.


Gulf Coast USA

Building Stats

New Construction
Administrative/ Office areas with Conference and Break Room
Retains Storage and Bottle Wash room
42 Fume hoods and localized extractors
Analytical, GC Lab, Light Oils, RDCC, Water testing labs

Project Size

24,500 SQ FT

Project currently in design – Construction Date TBD.
Other project details withheld due to Non-Disclosure Agreement with Client.