Coastal Refinery Wharf Control Building

Smith LaRock was approached by a repeat client to provide architectural services for their 24/7 control building to be located on top of the Pacific Ocean. Yes, we were excited too! The building scope was to be designed for operators to control their shipments on large oil tankers on top of the Wharf at the refinery. Our solution was a modular kit of parts to build the control building off site and ship it in by barge and lift into place on the Wharf. By building this off site it provides the client large cost savings by not having to construct a building over the top of water, and can be constructed in a fabrication plant and shipped to site.


West Coast, USA

Building Stats

  • New Construction
  • Pre-Manufactured Modular Building
  • Shipped to site and craned in place on wharf
  • Panelized floor, wall and roof system.
  • Final location = Class I Div. II Hazardous zone.
  • Specialized control room lighting

Project Size

2000 SQ FT

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