• New control room and consoles

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Control Room Renovation

The client wanted a state of the art, and modernized control facility to run their operations.  The existing, blast-resistant core and shell of the building remained, but the interior room was completely renovated and included new Honeywell Orion consoles.


  • Specialized LED lighting
  • Acoustic panel ceiling system
  • Acoustical sound attenuation and mitgation
  • Specialty HVAC systems
  • New finishes
  • Kitchenette
  • Rest/ Recovery area & equipment
  • Centralized overview screens
  • Custom overview screens at consoles
  • New furniture and equipment




  • Renovation
  • Blast Resistant Building
  • 6 operator positions with centralized supervisor’s console
  • Specialty HVAC air distribution
  • Specialty LED lighting and room acoustics


3,200 sf

Other project details withheld due to Non-Disclosure Agreement with Client.

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