Have you ever had problems reading technical construction documents?

SLA prides itself on researching and understanding the emerging technologies in order to provide cutting edge services to its clientele. Virtual reality facilitates the communication between the designer, client and the end users.

Virtual reality allows the generation of the intended design virtually, in order to discuss implications from design decisions made during the design process.

The virtual reality product that Smith LaRock provides comes at different levels design (refereed to as VRLOD). SLA will tailor the level of design to each individual client desired during the design process and for the buildings life cycle.

Levels of virtual reality detail typical examples are;

  • Spatial Walk through (VRLOD: 100)
    • Adjacency, room sizes, entry and exits, site relationship, building shape,
  • Detail Walk through (VRLOD: 200 – 300)
    • Component massing, Rooms, areas, more of a detailed level. Pull verbiage through the DD phase.
  • Finishes Walk through (VRLOD: 400 – 500)
    • Equipment, workstations, facilities,

Spatial Walkthrough

Detail Walkthrough

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