• Smith LaRock’s wheelhouse project type are state of the art control centers for the process control industry. While most people may never experience such an installation, it is important to know that they exist in highly volatile and toxic locations of chemical and refining manufacturing plants, as well as other process control / manufacturing plants.  Their purpose is to offer the environment that supports the man-machine interface; the control point where people operate the processes running within a plant.  To clarify, the Process Control Industry spans markets from oil and gas refining and processing, mining and metals, pulp and paper, water, chemical manufacture, utility distribution, fertilizer production, compressed gases, crude oil and fuel storage Liquid Natural Gas production, and so on.
  • While command control centers are SLA’s forte, we also design other facilities for the same clients: Laboratories, Maintenance / Shop Building / Warehouse Facilities, Office Buildings, Guardhouse, Locker Facilities/Change Houses, Emergency Facilities (EMS/Fire) and so on. If it’s inhabited, SLA can and probably has designed it, in both blast resistant and non-blast configurations, imaginatively developing design solutions that address our clients’ needs within these plants.
  • Our Fortune 100 clients have applied our services all over the world. From the initial data gathering process to the completion and commissioning of the project, we work closely with our clients to understand exactly what their needs and wants are, providing creative and innovative solutions that deliver inventively designed buildings that create better safety for their workers.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Throughout our design process, SLA conducts weekly meetings via teleconference and/or video conference with all stakeholders on our project team, both in-house as well as our engineering subconsultants, and the Client’s Stakeholder group.  SLA’s fundamental design philosophy is that all persons involved should be informed of status and progress at all times.  To this end, SLA has developed tools to help us maintain this level of information sharing so all project Q&A are compiled in one searchable document that tracks open/active items and resolved items so nothing slips between the cracks.  Action items are assigned with deadlines, and closure is entered for all to reference.  Communication is key: weekly status summaries are issued to our clients transfer from and between all members of the team.  As a shared vision of the project is developed and we move through design phases, we issue weekly updates to the central BIM file to ensure proper consultant design coordination.   At the 50% and 90% completion stages, thorough back-checks are completed to ensure that the documents are coordinated, prescriptive codes are met, and the plans and specs meet or exceed our progress checklists and quality standards.
    • During the construction / contract administration (CA) phase, we coordinate the review of required submittals and shop drawings quickly, participate in weekly teleconferences, respond to field questions promptly, and issue addenda and clarifications as needed.  Site Observations are conducted at scheduled times, and Observation Reports are issued to help ensure the project requirements are enacted. SLA’s goal is to achieve both project completion and Client satisfaction through creativity and knowledge of design needs, collaboration of the design team, excellence in design documentation and customer service and follow through.  We do what we say we will do
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