Gas Processing Plant | Admin & Control Building

A new construction administration and control building located in SW Wyoming serves the 24/7 gas processing plant’s operations.  The new building consolidated operations to a safe location away from the process units while keeping a close eye on construction costs.  In response to those needs, a pre-engineered metal building system was utilized for the skeleton and shell that incorporates a highly efficient exterior wall and roof system not typically utilized in a standard PMMB system.  This enabled the building’s redundant (N+1) HVAC system to be sized efficiently and help control costs.  While the exterior building shell blends into the surrounding terrain and does not draw attention to itself, the interior incorporates a sense of high design that provides its occupants with a warm and comfortable work environment.  Interior spaces include – Control Suite Operations: Central Control Room, DCS Server, DCS Engineering.  VEDSA systems are provided within these areas for early smoke detection.  Administration:  Front of office area, Hard walled offices, Open workstation areas, Multiple conference rooms, Contractor Testing area, PSM Library, and Large Multi-purpose room.  Wet-pipe fire sprinkler system protects these areas.  Ancillary spaces:  Two large break rooms, Men’s & Women’s Restroom / Locker Rooms, Clothing Exchange (FRC) closet, Radio Charging Room, Storage, Multiple print / copy areas, and Electrical / Mechanical Suites.


Southwest Wyoming, USA

Building Stats

  • New Construction
  • Pre-manufactured metal building structure
  • N+1 redundant HVAC systems
  • Specialized control room lighting
  • Fire protection systems
  • Administrative offices
  • Multi-purpose conference rooms
  • Open office work areas
  • Control Suite (DCS, Engineering, Control room)

Project Size

16,600 SQ FT

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