Chemical Modular Satellite Finishing Control Building

A long time, repeat client contacted SLA in search for help on their new satellite finishing control building for their plant expansion. The expansion required a lot of coordination and construction inside a blast zone in the plant.  The client wanted to reduce the amount of work that would endanger workers and contractors.  The solution: Pre-Manufactured Modular Building to be built and shipped to site.

Our client needed a blast-resistant building that was three hour fire-rated to protect the occupants inside the building from any danger outside the building.  The building envelope presented a challenge as there are not any UL Fire Rated assemblies that anticipated the fire coming from outside the building.  SLA worked closely with fire-rated product companies and manufactures to design a one-of-a-kind exterior envelope that provides the required fire protection, blast protection, and thermal protection to harsh Alberta winters (down to -50 below 0!).

The client did not want another modular trailer on their plant as this was not to be a temporary structure.  We achieved our goal by designing a modular building that does not give any indication of a modular building.  Including digging a crawlspace below to house structural components and HVAC/plumbing distribution throughout the building.  This reduced the height of the building and allowed the main floor to be at level with the adjacent grade.  Something temporary modular buildings don’t have!


Central Alberta, CAN

Building Stats

  • New Construction
  • Blast-Resistant
  • Pre-Manufactured Modular Building (shipped to site)
  • 3 hour fire-rating protection from exterior threats to occupants inside
  • N+1 redundant HVAC systems
  • Specialized control room lightingtrols Workroom, EOC)

Project Size

3,200 SQ FT

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