Our entire team specializes in Command Centers that improve operational awareness through the integration of Human Factors and Architecture.  Our focus on client-driven process minimizes risk while increasing operator vigilance and quality of life.  We create environments that promote efficiency without compromising productivity and safety.

We believe if the client is happy, the project will be successful.  Our clients are our top priority.  When working with SLA you don’t get different team members for different phases of the project.  We have dedicated project managers that are fully involved in the total project process from 3D conceptual schematics to construction and contract administration.

Since forming Smith LaRock in 2002 to meet the needs of this niche, Mike Smith has remained directly involved in the development of every project undertaken by SLA, sharing his experiences, insight, skills, and knowledge of integrating effective human factors with architectural design to create better 24/7 operations facilities for SLA’s many clients. His broad experiences in this role have benefited our clients, help create knowledgeable staff, and developed many projects over the years.



Mike Smith

Mike Smith is recognized as an expert in his field specializing in Command Center and Control Room Design.  With more than thirty years of experience providing architectural and design work to a variety of commercial and industrial clientele from Fortune 100 to small companies, Smith is one of those rare people who can back up their credentials with real world experience and successful projects with repeat clients.  He has focused on control facilities since the mid-1990s with participation on over forty Control Center Projects before starting SLA, and over forty control building projects since then, plus many related industrial building projects for Petrochemical / utility /mining / pulp & paper clients across the United States, Canada, China, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. 

Architecture is…
the convergence of several businesses into one, and vice versa… highly technical at times, yet requires great focusing of skills in writing, reading, math, design, and an imagination applied to all to make it all work. Great fun!

Best advice you’ve been given?
Work for yourself so you always have the bosses ear.

If you weren’t an architect, what would you be?
I have a great imagination, but I can’t really imagine doing anything else…

What school did you go to and why?
University of New Mexico – The University of Calgary was just too cold so I transferred down to UNM and never looked back.

Why Control Buildings?
I like working with people who know what they want, want what we know, and appreciate what we do. Designing these environments- knowing they help create better safety for all involved is important; it feels good knowing what we do is appreciated right back.


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    Jason Ingerslev Project Manager | Architect
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    Kristi Kessler Business Manager


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