Smith LaRock is honored to be a co-sponsor at the 5th Global Refining Strategies Summit 2011, taking place November 14th-16th at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

Smith LaRock is excited to participate in the Summit this year, meet with leaders of Fortune 100 energy companies to discuss future trends in business, and share our expertise in designing technical facilities for the process control industry.   We will demonstrate how our facility design process helps integrate our client’s people, needs, process, and technology through our unique design approach that blends Human Factors and Architecture and uses our 3D DistanceDesign methodology.   This technique helps us effectively communicate design concepts, check ergonomic solutions of the design with console and overview displays when needed, access the 3D model of the design solution in a real-time manner, and present this information to our clients ensuring a shared vision throughout the facility design process.  This approach helps ensure that designed improvements in safety, reliability, and optimization are realized, as well as creating a cultural fit for the users  of the facilities.  Smith LaRock is committed to contributing to the success of the 2011 Global Refining Summit and it’s vision to explore the future of facility design and process control technology.

This summit attracts 350+ attendees annually and as it approaches its fifth successive year, Global Refining Strategies Summit is the premier event for senior executives working within the hydrocarbon, refining, and processing industry.

Additional Key issues that will be addressed at the summit include:

  • Hear how members of the industry are continuing to become more energy efficient to improve margins and increase profitability, and how the right pre-design process can contribute to the ROI of a new facility.
  • Evaluate the increasing energy demand in the emerging markets and determine how this could affect the competitive landscape.
  • Assess the latest advancements in refining technologies to further increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • Navigate the complexities of increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Through a combination of our case studies and design examples, as well as the keynote sessions at the event, we believe the interactive workshops and networking activities provided at the Summit will impart valuable knowledge to the leading refiners from around the world. Smith LaRock Architecture is proud to be a contributing sponsor to this event.

Global Refining Strategies Summit

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