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Smith LaRock Architecture provides sit-stand desk for employees…….

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Health-Positive Work Environments:

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The term “Sitting Disease” has been accepted by the scientific community. It is used when referring to the ill-effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting too long can lead to issues like: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gastro-intestinal disorders and even weight gain have been tied to a seated lifestyle.  For most people, being able to switch from sitting to standing and back again throughout the day reduces the likelihood of serious health issues. It also reduces back pain, releases energy, and increases focus and productivity. With an unlimited number of positions, users find the optimum height for both standing and sitting as it relates to their own personal comfort. Traditionally, most office desks are between 29 to 31 inches tall so anyone not “average” height can struggle to find a comfortable position. Being uncomfortable reduces focus, alertness, and extended vigilance in workers. Prolonged periods of poor posture can lead to numerous musculoskeletal ailments.  Standing energizes a person, and fights off the buildup of stress-related cortisol in the body.   Overall, a sit-stand console, workstation, or desk can reduce the inactive time at work. Given the hours spent at a job, sit-stand desks could contribute greatly to improving the health and productivity of shift-workers and 9-5 office workers.

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