Some of you may or may not have heard about a great program called Lumion. The program we recently discovered and have since become hooked!  It is a great rendering program that helps us share our project designs and their conditions with our clients.  It benefits our clients because at times we have found that they have a hard time reading 2D plans, details, and elevations, rightfully so as the design/architecture world is not their profession.  So with the help of such programs as SketchUp we have been able to relay to our clients across the Globe what their project will be like upon completion in a rough schematic design walkthru…however now thanks to Lumion we can make these walkthrus much nice quality to really give the impression of what the finished product will be.  This helps eliminate the unknown vision of the final design.  Instead it puts the final product right up front and in front of our client.

We utilize this in our 3D DistanceDesign techniques.  Our process and the help of 3D rendering programs such as Lumion has helped us bring best practices and design consistency to many of our remote national and international customers.

So what are you waiting for?  Checkout our slick new renderings on our new post for our project:

[button text=”Pacific Coast Refinery Wharf Control Building” link=””]

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